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Brooklyn Law School Offers Specialized LL.M. for Foreign-Trained Lawyers and Intensive Summer Legal English Courses 

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Through a complement of courses and pedagogy that focuses on the specific academic needs of those with legal training from abroad, Brooklyn Law School’s LL.M. for Foreign-Trained Lawyers program will help its graduates become more effective and confident transnational lawyers. Brooklyn Law’s LL.M. Program is designed to meet the New York Court of Appeals requirements set forth in Rule 520.6 for foreign-trained lawyers who wish to sit for the New York State bar exam.


Recognizing that many foreign-trained lawyers interested in studying law in the United States could use intensive language instruction prior to starting an LL.M. program, Brooklyn Law School is introducing two summer courses in legal English through its new Legal Language Institute. This intensive training in language – either in a one-week (July 28 to August 1) or three-week (July 7 to July 25) course – will give students an advantage in their U.S. legal studies.

LL.M. students are very much a part of Brooklyn Law School’s thriving intellectual life and they participate in many of the same activities as our J.D. students. These include clinics, externships and classroom practicums, programs sponsored by the Dennis Block Center for the Study of International Business Law, and membership in one of our 40 student organizations


Indeed, just recently LL.M. students created their own club and organized panel programs on obtaining a job with an LL.M. and networking events. LL.M. students can also gain practical experience while meeting the New York State bar admission requirements with a pro bono project, and have the opportunity to publish in our online journal Practicum.

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To help promote community among our students, we provide guaranteed housing in beautiful Feil Hall to all applicants meeting our housing deadline of May 1st. Feil Hall is a contemporary residence hall located just a few blocks from the Law School with over 200 apartments for students and faculty, elevators and 24 hour security.

Specialized Study

Brooklyn Law School’s LL.M. for Foreign-Trained Lawyers facilitates specialized study in a number of areas, including business law, intellectual property law, and refugee and immigration law. While these three specializations draw on Brooklyn Law School's academic strengths, the Law School can also accommodate tailored study plans for those students who wish to explore other areas of the law.

Business Law

Located just minutes from Wall Street, the epicenter of international finance, Brooklyn Law School is the ideal place to study the evolution of business practice. Our acclaimed business law faculty includes both long-standing members with deep roots in the business law community, and brilliant young scholars on the cutting edge of the discipline. Our foundational courses provide a thorough grounding in the way law governs organizations, from small businesses and privately held companies to large corporate enterprises with many subsidiaries and affiliates. A range of advanced course offerings, including seminars and specialty courses, provides opportunities for students to delve into specific areas more deeply. Our Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law, now in its third decade, sponsors a variety of events on contemporary international business issues and draws influential scholars and practitioners to the Law School. In addition, the new Center for the Study of Business Law and Regulation unites the Law School’s existing diverse business and commercial law programs by providing a forum for scholarship that offers new perspectives on, and solutions to, real world business law and regulatory issues. Business Law course offerings can be viewed here

Read more about Business Law at BLS.

Refugee and Immigration Law

In a time of increasing globalization and concern about issues of national security, refugee and immigration law has never mattered more. Our refugee and immigration law faculty includes scholars, policy makers, and practitioners who have made substantial contributions to the field, including in the areas of asylum law, refugee law, and international human rights law. These experts teach and practice against the backdrop of New York City, a hub of immigration practice and home to two immigration courts, two asylum offices, and one of the busiest federal Circuit Court immigration dockets in the country. Refugee and Immigration Law course offerings can be viewed here.


Intellectual Property Law

With the increasing exchange of information in cyberspace, IP law is one of the fastest-evolving branches of the law. Our curriculum addresses the pressing need for new policy, both domestic and in the international arena, and a new generation of tech-savvy lawyers. Our IP law faculty includes a range of talented legal experts who are well-known for their outstanding contributions to the field. Our New York City location, home to Silicon Alley and the world’s media capital, offers the advantage of a legal education that is part classroom study, part immersion. Students’ fieldwork will be with the very entrepreneurs, startup companies, and emerging technologies that are driving change.

The newly launched Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE) will harness this energy. CUBE will be the hub for exploring legal issues surrounding entrepreneurship, and for providing effective legal representation and support for new commercial and not-for-profit businesses – while also training the next generation of business lawyers to advise and participate in these sectors. The Center will reinforce and capitalize on Brooklyn’s role as a haven for business, media, energy, technology, creative arts, and social enterprise innovators. Intellectual Property 

Law course offerings can be viewed here

Read more about Intellectual Property Law at BLS.

To learn more about the LL.M. application process, please visit

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For questions on either program, please contact Julie Sculli, 718-780-0626 or


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